A history of Spanish physiotherapy

In 2011the Spanish physiotherapy journal Cuestiones de Fisioterapia ran a special issue on the history of physiotherapy in Spain (link to full pdf of the journal).

Very generously, the authors included English translations of many of the abstracts.

Thanks to Glenn also for translating a version of the editorial through Google Translate (English translation of editorial).

Here are the translated article titles with their accompanying authors:

  1. Origins of physiotherapy as a modern profession – María Fortún-Agud, M. Orosia Lucha-López, Andoni Carrasco-Uribarren, Santos Caudevilla-Polo, Anders Ottosson
  2. The expansion of modern Ling Physiotherapy around the world – María Fortún-Agud, Elena Estébanez-de-Miguel, Alazne Ruiz-de-Escudero-Zapico, Sara Cabanillas-Barea, Silvia Pérez Guillén, Carles López-de-Celis
  3. James Cyriax and Physiotherapy – José Miguel Tricás-Moreno, Elena Bueno-Gracia, Sandra Jiménez-del Barrio, Octavio García-Santesteban, Silvia Pérez-Guillén, María Fortún-Agud
  4. 200 years of evolution of Manual Physiotherapy – Silvia Pérez-Guillén, Pablo Fanlo-Mazas, Natalia Pascual-Lanuza, Martín E. Barra-López, José Miguel Tricás-Moreno, Anders Ottosson
  5. Has the history of manipulation been manipulated? – Silvia Pérez-Guillén, César Hidalgo-García, Juan C. Palacio Albertín, María Fortún-Agud, José Miguel Tricás-Moreno, Anders Ottosson
  6. The work of Electrotherapy by Eduardo Bertrán Rubio (1838-1909) – Ana Felicitas López Rodríguez, Vicente Rodríguez Pérez
  7. The figure of the Practitioner as a professional precedent of the Physiotherapist in Spain – Manuel Jesús García Martínez, Raquel Chillón Martínez
  8. The work of José Vázquez y Morales: first work on Electrotherapy in Spain? – Ana Felicitas López Rodríguez, Vicente Rodríguez Pérez, Jesús A. Seco Calvo, Marta Valencia Prieto
  9. Scientific consolidation of Physiotherapy in Spain. An analysis throughout history – Javier Meroño-Gallut, Jesús Rebollo-Roldá

Remember, if you want to know more about the content in each paper, you can cut and paste text sections into Google Translate and it will give you a very close approximation to most languages.

Posted by Dave Nicholls

Dr. Nicholls is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Psychosocial Studies, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand. He is a physiotherapist, lecturer, researcher and writer, with a passion for critical thinking in and around the physical therapies. David is the founder of the Critical Physiotherapy Network, an organisation that promotes the use of cultural studies, education, history, philosophy, sociology, and a range of other disciplines in the study of the profession’s past, present and future. David’s own research work focuses on the critical history of physiotherapy and considers how physiotherapy might need to adapt to the changing economy of health care in the 21st century. He has published 35 peer-reviewed articles and 17 book chapters, many as first author. He is also very active on social media, writing more than 500 blogposts for criticalphysio.net in the last three years. David has taught in physiotherapy programmes in the UK and New Zealand for over 25 years and has presented his work all around the world. The End of Physiotherapy – the first book-length critical history of physiotherapy, and written by David – was published by Routledge in mid-2017.

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