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Short summary of two paragraphs about the history physiotherapy in Afghanistan and the Association.


General history and timeline –

Education at Uni of Melbourne –,-frederick-teepoo-hall

Education at James Cook Uni –

Austria (Physio Austria 2017 Video: Die Geschichte der Physiotherapie in Österreich, German only) (Physio Austria 2016 Sonderheft 100 Jahre Physio)


No website or specific information on physiotherapy history from China.  However an interesting review article from Griffith University on the “The Current Status of Physical Therapy in China” provides background contextual information on their short history.…/93365_1.pdf

France (French, Elsevier EM Consulte publication without open access)…/kinesitherapie%20histoire.pdf (PDF document: Jacques MONET 2003: Emergence de la Kinésithérapie en France à la fin du XIXème et au début du XXème siècle, doctoral thesis in Sociology, French) (PDF document: Rémi Remondiere 1994: L’institution de la kinésithérapie en France (1840-1946), French = Cahiers du Centre de recherches historiques 12/1994)

Germany (Germany, German only, comprehensive timeline) (Germany, German only > relevant to know for research purposes)


Single paragraph of Association history available


General history of physiotherapy, nothing specifically about Jordan –

Korea (South)

Full webpage of Association history available.  Needs to be translated, which is possible through Google.

Netherlands (Society for Physiotherapy History, Dutch) (KNGF 2014 Video: KNGF 125 jaar, Dutch only)

New Zealand


Brief history page in Norwegian –


Sov Med. 1954 Apr;18(4):45-7. [History of physical therapy in Russia in XIX Century]. [Article in Undetermined Language]
Sov Med. 1977 Oct;(10):10-5. [Development of health resort science and physiotherapy in the Russian Federation during the years of Soviet administration]. [Article in Russian] Udintsov EI. PMID: 145022


Spain (Universidad de Murcia. Unidad Docente de Historia de la Medicina > PDF article available: Raposo Vidal et al. 2001: Historia de la Fisioterapia en España en los siglos XIX y XX, Spanish only)

United Kingdom

General timeline –
CSP Biography –
CSP Historical resources –
CSP historical images –

United States of America

The USA APTA 100 year centenary website:
Additional US PT History resources
APTA USA History links:
Specific to reconstruction aides:

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