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Maria Calatayud is an equine physiotherapy practitioner from Valencia, Spain. Maria is currently a PhD student in the Physiotherapy department of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. Her Masters degree in Physiotherapy and Veterinary Rehabilitation was gained from IACES (Madrid), accredited by the University Physiotherapy School Garbí (University of Girona). Since 2014 Maria has been the Coordinator of the Special Interest Group in Animal Physiotherapy from the General Council of the Official Colleges of Physiotherapists of Spain. Maria has presented multiple papers and posters on the topic of equine myofascial trigger points and has travelled the world attending educational programs on animal health.

Sir Charles Strong applying a low frequency current

A royal history of animal physiotherapy

‘’As humans respond so rapidly to this form of treatment for their injuries, why isn’t it used on horses for theirs?’’ Lord Luis Mountbatten to Sir Charles Strong (1939) Many will know of Lord Luis Mountbatten, a great british sailor, a notable diplomat, and the last Viceroy of India. Many

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