The Man in the Middle of Modern American Physical Therapy

I think one of the best things PTs can do when they come out of school [is to] go in a hospital.  Work inpatient/outpatient.  Learn the medical side of things.  Learn things about illness, learn things about other disciplines…

Mike Rogers has been a practicing physical therapist specializing in orthopedic manual physical therapy (OMPT) since graduating from SUNY at Buffalo in 1975. He began his studies in OMPT by taking a series of courses taught by Dr James Cyriax at Strong Memorial Hospital before traveling to London in 1976 to observe Dr Cyriax in clinical practice. In the years that followed, he had the opportunity to learn from some of the other masters in the field of manual therapy including John Mennell, Phil Greenman, John Bourdillon, Ola Grimsby, Freddy Kaltenborn, Olaf Evjenth, David Lamb, Richard Erhard, Bjorn Svendsen and Laurie Hartman.

Talking with Evidence In Motion’s John Childs and Jeff Moore in a recent podcast, Mike shared the many stories of his ‘almost accidental’ roles in the middle of two of the most important developments in the modern history of the profession in the USA; founding the American Association of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) and advocating for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy qualification.

Mike also speaks about Hurricane Katrina, the extremely destructive and deadly hurricane that decimated Florida and Louisiana in 2005.  The flooding that came with the storm destroyed Mike’s business, including his unique and extensive collection of manual therapy writings.  At that time Mike gave up on the profession but the personal health tragedies of his good friends and colleagues inspired him to return to practice what he loved.

In May 2018, Mike earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Evidence In Motion. He currently practices as a lead orthopedic physical therapist at Memorial Hospital Gulfport Outpatient Clinic.

Click here to listen to the podcast from the Evidence in Motion website.

Posted by Glenn Ruscoe

Glenn is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist working in private practice in Perth, Australia. A strong advocate for the profession, Glenn has been heavily involved in leadership of professional associations and regulatory boards. Currently he is Managing Director of the Registry Operator of the .physio domain top level extension.

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